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Photo: Direktoratet for sikkerhet og beredskap.Photo: Direktoratet for sikkerhet og beredskap

Ambassador Haugen visits flood affected areas

Last updated: 29.01.2015 // On Tuesday, Ambassador Kikkan Haugen visited flood affected areas in Chikwawa, south in Malawi.

The photos above show Ambassador Kikkan Haugen's visit to the flood affected areas in Chikwawa.  

Numerous people are directly affected and 15 people are assumed killed by the floods in Chikwawa. The emergency relief efforts are in place and are reaching the areas affected by the floods. On Tuesday, Ambassador Haugen met with the District Commissioner of Chikwawa and his team at the Emergency Operation Centre, as well as Anders Laukvik from the UNDAC operation.

On the same trip, Mr. Haugen also visited Sekeni, a camp south of Chikwawa Boma, where he met with the camp management and discussed the situation.


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