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One of the football teams at Kauma Sports Club. Photo: Marco CristofoliOne of the football teams at Kauma Sports Club. Photo: Marco Cristofoli

Football players from Kauma Sports Club are going to Norway Cup

Last updated: 06.06.2016 // Kauma Sports Club near Lilongwe and the Norwegian Embassy recently signed an agreement, in support of KSC’s participation in Norway Cup 2016. This is the third time footballers from KSC go to Norway Cup with support from the Embassy. Sixteen boys between 13 and 14 years of age will go to Oslo in July.

Kauma Sports Club often arranges football matches within the club or between other football clubs
Kauma Sports Club often arranges football matches within the club or between other football clubs 

Norway Cup, an international youth football tournament is the world's largest football tournament for ages 10 through 19 for both genders. This year Norway Cup will take place from 31st July to 6th August. In addition to the football matches, the Cup also emphasizes promoting friendships across nationalities, cultures and languages. Football players from Kauma Sports Club have participated two years in a row, first time a boys’ team in 2014, and last year a girls’ team went to Norway.

Kauma Sports Club was established in 2011 and is partly supported by the Norwegian organization “Fotballsko til Malawi”. The club has a small budget, and the coaches and the Director work for free. In addition to donations, a small membership fee keep the club running.

The focus of the club is grassroots sports, young leadership and education. Today, more than 600 children between 5 and 20 years participate in their activities. The goal is to teach their members the benefits of sports and education and the combination of these two. Therefore, the club has the criteria that every child must be enrolled in school to be part of the club. In addition to facilitate sports activities, the club has also established a primary school up to standard 2, and a kindergarten. The club further plans to rehabilitate a building at the club premises to also include standard 3 and 4 . In addition, the club seeks to address negative behavior, which often affects the children’s health and/or performance at school. For instance, the club educates the children in the importance of using contraception to avoid sexual transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and early pregnancies. Another aim is to prevent drinking alcohol at a young age.

A part of the culture portfolio to the Embassy, is to promote small-scale social society initiatives such as Kauma Sports Club. Based on previous participation in Norway Cup, the club has reported several positive outcomes. Such as last year after the girls came back from Norway cub, several more children – and girls - joined the club and several of the players do now coach the younger children. Furthermore, the local community has recognized and supports the club in promoting sound values for the next generation.


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