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Performance by the Lusubilo band at Karonga museum. Photo: ANFU/RNEPerformance by the Lusubilo band at Karonga museum. Photo: ANFU/RNE

Launching of the Cultural Fund for Malawi

Last updated: 17.06.2016 // 12 May, the Embassy’s Cultural Fund for Malawi was launched at the Ambassador’s residence. The purpose of the Fund is to contribute to a dynamic, free and diverse cultural sector for improved living standards, economic growth and poverty reduction.

Recognising the role of culture in socio-economic development of a country, Norway has since 2000 supported many cultural activities, especially those concerning preservation and promotion of Malawi’s tangible and intangible culture. While the support has contributed to the implementation of both Norwegian and Malawian cultural policies, the focus on promotion of cultural rights was rudimentary. Therefore, the Embassy decided to address issues of cultural rights more strongly. The Cultural Fund will aim to strengthened capacity of cultural practitioners to participate in democratic processes and have rights to freedom of expression.

The launching included several inspirational performances, which showed the cultural diversity Malawi has to offers by expressing Malawian culture through music and dance.

“I believe that culture is an important part both on a personal and on a national level.  We are creating a fund that will be both experimental, innovative and creative. The aim is that the Cultural Fund will be a success in assisting the development of culture in Malawi”, said Ambassador Kikkan Haugen.

The Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (Hivos) will be manage the Cultural Fund. Hivos is a non-profit organisation, which aims to promote an open and green society, where everyone can live in freedom and dignity. During the up-coming month, Hivos will call for proposals, which promotes freedom of expression, are gender focused and innovative.

 “With the Cultural Fund we would like to add an incentive to the cultural sector to make it more vibrant, innovative and gender-oriented. We recognise culture as an economic force, as well as vehicle for change” said Tanja Lubber, Hivos Programme Manager


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