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Promotion of disability rights

Photo: Utenriksdepartementet/Christoffer ClaussenPhoto: Utenriksdepartementet/Christoffer Claussen

Last updated: 31.07.2014 // On the last official function of his post, Ambassador Asbjørn Eidhammer met Malawi officials to promote the rights of people with disabilities.

On Wednesday 30th of July, the Ambassador met with the Minister for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, and other officials to promote the rights of disabled people in Malawi. “Human rights,” the Ambassador said, “is one of the main issues forming the very basis in my Government’s development cooperation policy. And rights of people with disabilities is a human rights issue.” As this was the Ambassador’s last official function before leaving his post, he expressed joy over the fact that both one of his first, and his last functions in Africa involved the rights of disabled people.

Both the Norwegian government and civil society organisations have supported many projects working on disability rights, and the Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe is currently supporting the Department of Disability to facilitate disability mainstreaming in the public sector.

In his speech, the Ambassador emphasised that “the general principle of democracy is that while the majority rules, the rights of the minority must also be secured. People with disability have the same rights as other citizens. It is the duty of the state to secure those rights, and a task of civil society to support the struggle for equity by people with disabilities.”

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