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The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe

Last updated: 18.09.2014 // A brief description of the Royal Norwegian Embassy's history and work in Malawi.

Following Malawi’s multi-party and democratic elections in 1994, Norway decided in 1996 to pursue increased cooperation with Malawi. In 1997 an agreement of cooperation was signed between the two countries, and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe was formally opened in 1999. At the time there were relatively few donors present and engaged in Malawi. The rationale for Norway’s engagement in Malawi, was that the Government of Malawi “… showed a will to promote democracy, eradicate poverty, fight corruption and protect human rights.” Today, Malawi is among Norway’s main development partners, in terms of programmes and their volume.


The Norwegian Embassy in Malawi

Since its opening in 1999, the Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe has been responsible for:

  • Diplomatic mission: Official and diplomatic relations between the two countries.
  • Consular services: Taking care of Norwegian interests, as well as servicing Nordic citizens.
  • Immigration field: The Embassy handles visa-applications for 15 Schengen-countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • Development cooperation: Managing the extensive development cooperation portfolio.


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