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Emergency passport and other travel documents

Last updated: 07.10.2014 // Information about obtaining and using an emergency passport and other travel documents. Emergency passport are NOT eligible for entry into Malawi.

Emergency passport (not eligible for entry into Malawi)

An emergency passport is issued in the same way and according to the same rules as a regular passport. A decision to issue an emergency passport is added to an individual's passport history.


  • 2 - two - passport photos are required for emergency passports. 
  • Same application-form is used for regular and emergency passports.

It is not possible to enter Malawi with an emergency passport, it is only to be used for exiting Malawi and returning to your country of origin.

The emergency passport will be handwritten and laminated and can be used for one trip only.


Travel documents (other than standard, service and diplomatic passports)

There are two types of travel documents allowed for entry/exit in Malawi.

  • Travel document for refugees (green document)
  • Travel document for humanitarian purposes (blue document).

NB! These travel documents are only valid if they are recognised by UNHCR.


Visa requirements for entering Malawi with travel documents: pre-applied visa is required for entry into Malawi with either a humanitarian or refugee travel document.


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