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Doing Business in Malawi

Last updated: 11.12.2014 // This page provides information regarding business and investment for parties interested in Malawi.

The Government of Norway recognizes the importance of the private sector to ensure economic growth, development and poverty reduction. New businesses ensure increased production and value addition, while also contributing to increased income and livelihoods. Production growth in the private sector increases revenues, capacity and service delivery of the Government of Malawi, and subsequently the welfare of Malawians.

The private sector is essential to ensure the attainment of Malawi’s prioritized goals, as stated in Malawi’s Growth and Development Strategy II and National Export Strategy. The Government of Malawi identifies the following priority growth sectors: Agriculture, mining, tourism, energy and transport infrastructure. Malawi will need to diversify its agricultural production from tobacco, tea and maize, and successfully integrate its private sector in regional and global value chains. Such transformation may be facilitated by the government but depends on the private sector for realization.


Below are some relevant links for doing business in Malawi.

Doing Business in Malawi:

Contains information regarding Malawi-Norwegian trade, Malawian business environment, economy and investments, sector opportunities and contact information for relevant organizations and associations in Malawi.

Malawi Investment Projects Compendium 2014:

A comprehensive compilation of investment opportunities in Malawi. It also includes information regarding investment processes and current reforms pursued by the Government of Malawi.

Malawian contacts:

  • Department of Immigration
  • Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI)
  • Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC): MITC hosts the one-stop-shop for investors and businesses interested in operations in Malawi.
  • Malawi Revenue Authority
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • National Statistical Office
  • Public private Partnership Commission (PPPC)

Norwegian Contacts:

  • Garantiinstituttet for Eksportkreditt (GIEK)
  • Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway)
  • Norfund
  • The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA)
  • Veiledningskontoret

Country pages for Malawi:

  • Doing Business (World Bank)
  • Economist Intelligence Unit
  • International Monetary Fund
  • International Trade Centre’s country pages for Malawi
  • World Bank
  • World Economic Forum

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